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It is our shared belief that the global development has entered a critical stage. It is necessary for the international community, global market and private capital to work together in line with the strategies of the Belt and Road Initiative for building an open and interconnected global network. Through in-depth exchange, cooperation and coordinated efforts, parties of the network can enhance mutual trust, eliminate skepticism and form consensus. Better understanding and promoting the Silk Road Spirit, i.e. “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit”, will help us reaching agreement on promoting world economic recovery and national development,and ultimately creating a stable international environment.

Against such background, Uniting former political leaders, scholars, business and financial institution leaders from countries along the route, the International Finance Forum (IFF) initiates the establishment of the Silk Road International Association (SRIA) for the purpose of promoting strategic development of the Belt and Road Initiative, and giving full play to the significant and leading role of finance. The SRIA aspires to establish an international platform for non-governmental exchange and communication in the fields of economy, social development, culture and education, science and technology innovation, and inter-civilization dialogue. Such efforts will help build understanding and trust, encourage the whole world to participate in the Best and Road Initiative, which in turn will promote world development and prosperity.

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