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The International Finance Forum (IFF) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental international organization and a regular platform for global high-level dialogue and academic research in the financial field. It was founded in Beijing in October 2003 under the initiation of over 20 countries and regions such as China, U.S. and E.U., important international organizations such as the U.N., and a large number of financial institutions and financial leaders.

The IFF has over a decade of experience as an independent international think tank. In the past ten years, we have witnessed significant changes in the world economic and financial system, and the IFF has gradually established itself as an international academic organization of influence within a growing China. Amidst the current environment of global economic recovery and financial order reconstruction, the IFF is honored to provide an experienced platform for world economic and financial leaders to engage in dialogue and to join their efforts to promote global economic recovery and revitalization.

The world is facing a new revolution. It is imperative to construct a new order and to formulate new rules for global finance. A new global order, new global rules, global balance and global co-operation require us to engage in renewed strategic dialogue and thinking. The effects of global change and new rules concern every country.By encouraging dialogue through more extensive cooperation and further exploring the impact of these changes and new rules, the IFF aims to deliver forward-looking ideas and possibilities for the future of the global economy and financial system.
            Chairman of IFF, Kevin Rudd
     Co-chairman of IFF, Han Seung-soo, Jean-Claude Trichet
           International Finance Forum (IFF)

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