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All individuals, companies and organizations that meet the above qualifications are eligible to apply for the membership of the International Finance Forum (IFF), and the application procedures are as follows:

I. Documents and materials needed
1.Companies and Organizations
a.Application form signed by the company or organization leader and official seal.
b.The applicant's certificate of incorporation or the copy of registration certificate.
c.The applicant’s profile.
d.The applicant’s statement.

2.Natural Person
a.Application form with signature
b.Two half-body photograph without hat
c.One copy of ID Card
e.Personal Statement

II. Form Submission
Application documents and materials shall be submitted to the Secretariat by registered post. Application form can be sent seperately to the Secretariat by email, fax or other ways.

III. Approval Procedures
Upon the receipt of all the documents and materials submitted by the applicant, the Secretariat begins to verify the applicant's membership and will decide whether to grant membership within 15 working days.

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