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The Global New Capital Leader course
Tailored for future global financial leaders
[Course Program]

Fostering global new capital strength

The Global New Capital Leader course has been created by IFF to promote the practice of the IFF’s principles through the concept of "Comprehensive and Sustainable Development--New capital, New value, New world". It explores in depth the economic, financial, social and environmental causes of the current global crises and challenges facing mankind.

The course aims to develop global emerging capital strength, and is especially tailored for future global leaders. This highly specialized comprehensive course brings together global financial leaders and the IFF’s distinguished faculty. Adhering to the academic rigor and a global strategic vision, it provides students with remarkable learning experience and gives them a well-rounded, multi-angle view of issues affecting globalization.

The International Financial Forum (IFF) cooperates with top strategic partners and assembles the world's elite resources of global financial leaders in association with strong academic forces to create this unique course of global new capital leaders.

The Organizer

The International Finance Forum (IFF) is an independent, non-profit and non-official international organization founded in Beijing in October 2003. It was created with the cooperation of the United Nations, the Chinese government and several financial institutions. The IFF is committed to establishing regular dialogue and communication at the highest level, and conducting research on global financial matters.

The IFF adheres to its founding principle of "Comprehensive and Sustainable Development--New Capital, New Value, New World". It is a forward-looking, authoritative organization that always adheres to the highest academic standards. With growing awareness of the huge impact that the international financial situation has on all sectors of society, the IFF has become a global strategic platform for further exchanges, cooperation and development.

Program Objectives

In the turmoil of the ongoing global financial crisis, the world’s economy is facing great changes, and it has become necessary to construct a new financial framework and make new rules. The new global framework, global rules, global balance and global governance need us to rethink our strategy and deployment.

The IFF’s courses look at the strategy of globalization of economic, financial, political, philosophical, social issues from many perspectives. They aim to help participants gain insight into the world trade pattern changes in the current financial climate, and into the post-crisis global emerging capital strength and develop the strategies and leadership skills to work under this complex environment.

As part of the course, students will discuss profoundly the roots of the current global financial crisis, and the economic, social and environmental challenges facing mankind. They will learn how to correctly understand the responsibility of leadership, and how to work in the capital markets. Through the analysis of actual cases, they will gain a profound understanding of how to deal with the ups and downs of the financial markets today.

In-depth Curriculum

The comprehensive curriculum consists of the following modules

1. Core courses

2. Discussion

3. Lectures and Reports

4. Case Study and Visit

5. Vision Development

6. Comprehensive Qualities

7. Others

Please contact for more information: info@ifforum.org

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