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XINHUA—IFF Discussion on the Reform of New World Financial Order

2014-11-08 12:18:00

The world economy is at a new turning point and new financial forces are changing the world, in which China wi...

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US-China Great Power Relations and World’s New Financial Pattern

2014-10-12 12:04:00

In the beautiful fall, a group of learned former political leaders and scholars gathered in Beijing to conduct p...

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Deep Mourning for Professor Mckinnon Co-founder of IFF

2014-10-04 11:55:00

Professor Mckinnon, founder of Modern Financial Development Theory, died at 7 am PDT on 1 October, 2014, at the...

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Lessons to draw from Europe’s experiences

2014-06-20 11:51:00

At the invitation of IFF, Jean-Claude Trichet, the former President of ECB, President of the Group of 30, Co-Cha...

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Smog treatment in China: the path to rebuild ecological civilization

2014-03-20 11:45:00

The second Leadership Dialogue in 2014 was held on March 25th, it focused on Smog treatment in China: the path...

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The Volcker Rule: Ecport: low labor force to high technology

2014-03-13 11:36:00

The montly Leadership Dialogue of IFF aims to promote international exhange, mutual trust and cooperation, facilita...

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Reform of world financial order needs strategic thinking: experts

2014-11-14 16:58:18

BEIJING, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- A new global financial order is essential in the rapidly changing global economy, an...

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Kevin Rudd to Take up Co-Chairman Position at IFF

2014-07-07 14:03:00

The International Finance Forum (IFF) made official announcement that Mr. Kevin Michael Rudd, the former Australian...

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