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IFF Summer Report 2009 was Held

2009-06-26 18:02:00

IFF Summer Report 2009 was held in Ningbo of Zhejiang Province from June 26, 2009 to June 28, 2009. The theme...

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Cheng Siwei and Mundel Participated in Working Conference 2009

2009-07-06 18:01:00

On the afternoon of July 6, 2009, Chairman of IFF Cheng Siwei, Father of the Euro and laureate of Nobel Prize...

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Chengsiwei: China is Slowing Down on Purpose

2010-09-06 18:01:00

The English Financial Times on September 6th, 2010 from Italy reported: China’s key think tank institution I...

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IFF Organizes a Signing Ceremony

2009-11-14 17:59:00

OnNovember 14, 2009. IFF signed a comprehensive strategic agreement with the UN and agreement of a permanent venu...

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IFF 2009 Annual Conference Review

2009-11-15 17:59:00

IFF Annual Conference 2009 was held ceremoniously on the morning of November 15, 2009. Chairman of IFF Cheng Siw...

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Cheng siwei: IFF will Contribute to China

2009-11-04 17:58:00

Sohu Financial News, the IFF 2009’s theme is reform and recession after the global financial crisis. More t...

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Cheng siwei Meets Mayor of Frankfurt

2010-01-26 17:57:00

On the January 26th, 2010, Cheng Siwei, IFF President, former vice chairman of China's National People's C...

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Cheng siwei Meets Assistant Secretary General UN

2010-03-05 17:56:00

On the afternoon of March 5th, 2010, IFF President Cheng Siwei met United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, UND...

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