IFF Anthology “China’s Choice”
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The world economy is currently undergoing much upheaval as it moves into a brand new age. It is becoming necessary to build a new international financial order and develop new rules. We need to engage in a strategic dialogue to reflect on the new global equilibrium, global governance, debt crisis, risk control, and green policies. Every nation worldwide is affected by this transformation, and for China to maintain rapid, stable, comprehensive and sustainable development of its social, economic and financial sectors requires not only sound internal policies and actions, but also corresponding international public diplomatic activities to complement them. We need to unite both domestic and overseas financiers and establish mechanisms for dialogue on a broader cooperation, enabling regular consultation and discussion of the major issues facing us, including prevention of and response to the financial crisis, and establish a permanent platform of international monetary research, dialogue, exchanges and cooperation with an influence in the world.
On this basis, the International Finance Forum (IFF) officially came into being as an independent international organization based in China. Since its inception of 2003, the IFF has been always insisted on its founding principles of independence, objectivity, and forward-thinking, and has adhered to its spirit mission of "Comprehensive Sustainable Development--New Capital · New Values · New World". It is committed to promoting global cooperation of members and participants, and attracting global finance elites to discuss and negotiate solutions to major problems in the international financial arena, address the greatest challenges around the world, and to externally promote more inclusive and generalized global cooperation and development. The IFF is becoming an increasing concern of the international financial sector and all sectors of society.
International Finance Forum global strategic book series is a high-end academic book publishing project that is being put together through the concerted efforts of all members of IFF Presidium, IFF Board, International Advisory Committee and Academic Committee, with the aim of promoting IFF’s development strategy and strengthening its academic construction. The series of book, as an important academic window, is a collection of research works, speeches, and other contributions from international financial leaders and members of the Forum. Through their publication the IFF aims to play better role as a global platform, integrating global high-end academic resources, promoting extensive dialogue and exchanges and communication, and building multilateral dialogue channels with strategic vision. The global book series has been published regularly since 2007, and has achieved good results and widespread impact.

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