In Deep Memory of Mr. Cheng Siwei
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International Finance Forum (IFF) was saddened to announce that Mr. Cheng Siwei, the founding chairman of IFF, passed away on July 12th, 2015, at the age of 80. Chairman Cheng Siwei was a renowned economist and socialist. He served as the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Ninth and Tenth National People's Congresses. He was also elected the Chairman of the Seventh and Eighth Central Committee of the China National Democratic Construction Association. All members of IFF were deeply grieved at the passing of such a well-respected leader.
Chairman Cheng Siwei was born in June, 1935, in Beijing. He was graduated from University of California, Los Angeles. Known as the “Father of China’s Venture Capital” and “Father of China's NASDAQ-like ChiNext Market”, he devoted himself to promoting China’s venture investment and became senior counselor and policy maker of China’s economic policies. Many opinions of Chairman Cheng Siwei had great importance to China’s opening up and social development, which won him academic authority in international economics.
Chairman Cheng Siwei was one of the IFF’s key founding members and under his consistent leadership over the past 12 years, IFF has developed into a world class financial diplomatic platform and strategic think tank. As the Chairman of IFF, Mr. Cheng visited many countries, making communications and exchanging ideas with many political and financial leaders, experts, which made great contributions to the world’s better understanding of China, and China’s financial diplomacy. Over the years, Chairman Cheng Siwei’s remarks in various international conferences held by IFF had centered on major issues and offered bold truth and deep insights.
As a rigorous scholar, Chairman Cheng Siwei, despite of the mounting political business and physical illness, preserved with his study, paid close attention to updated information in financial markets and made contribution to the deepening reform of the financial sector and the development of non-government think-tank in China.
“No remarks invite no controversies, and devotion leaves me no regrets.”We should do what this motto of Chairman Cheng Siwei indicated in memory of him. Instead of shedding tears, we should strive for better future. Carrying forward the legacy Chairman Cheng Siwei left, we will endeavor to develop IFF into a world class financial diplomatic platform and think tank.
May Late Chairman Cheng Siwei rest in peace.

International Finance Forum (IFF)
July 12th, 2015

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