Mr. Ban Ki-moon: F20 Initiative is very timely
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Honorable former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, Chair of the IFF

Honorable former Prime Minister, Han Seung-soo, and Mr. Jean-Claude Trichet, Co-chairs of the IFF
Distinguished participants
I am honored to address the International Finance Forum at the time
when global development is at a critical stage

Last year in New York, world leaders agreed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
an ambitious program for people, peace, prosperity and the planet
In Paris, we arrived at the historic universal agreement on climate change
and in Addis Ababa, we agreed to mobilize the resources and technology
did it through a strengthened global partnership
But these historic agreements come against a backdrop of weak demand and great volatility
We need economic stimulus and structural reforms to achieve sustainable growth
So the theme of this conference
F20 Initiative: Reshape the Essence of Finance, is very timely
We must create an international financial system
in which financial flows are aligned with our common vision for sustainable development

China's approaches toward these challenges will be critical
I commend your approach of the Hangzhou Summit toward the promoting sustainable growth in this post-crisis era.
I send you my best wishes for a successful conference. Thank you.

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