Ban Ki-moon Offered His Congratulations to 2008 IFF
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I am glad to extend my warm greetings to all the participants of IFF. This meeting is held at an important moment when the global financial crisis is deteriorating and constitutes a growing menace to global economy, especially to the most impoverished and the most vulnerable members in the family of man. Even before the latest round of financial turmoil appears, the joint efforts we have made to reduce poverty have already been threatened by the challenges which are brought by price escalation of food and energy as well as acceleration of climate change. So the great task, achieving the millennium development goals, is more challenging than ever before. In this condition, we cannot give way to the deterioration of global financial crisis which will make the used achievements be gone with the wind and make more people trapped in poverty. As a result, we must protect those people whose livelihoods are in imminent peril.

This is a globalized and systemic crisis. So we must cope with globalized solution including a thorough reform of the international financial architecture. I hope we can get tangible progress at the G20 in Washington, D.C. on this weekend and the UN Doha Review Meeting at the end of this month. These meetings provide critical opportunities. People all over the world are expecting such signal which shows assistance will come and opportunities will increase. In that, China plays an important role. The fiscal stimulus package unveiled recently in China help to alleviate the impact produced by the worldwide economic downturn on China domestic economy. China works together with other countries with a view of coping with economic crisis by using the comprehensive policy. We must learn from our common experience, then blaze a more impartial and more sustained way. May the forum be completely successful

-- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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