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IFF Fintech Council
  • IFF Fintech Council
  • Fintech is a crucial part of the financial system and plays a key role in financial innovaiton. Science and Technology innovation also plays a prominent role in promoting economic and social development and addressing the critical challenge to people, including climate change. Experts and scholars in Finance and Science and Technology fields, at home and abroad, call for further investment in science and technology research and innovation to support the development of high-tech and innovative companies. To achieve this, we need new chains to connect the capital and the technology innovation capacities, including new applications of technology in financial services, new financial platforms and innovative financial products from banks, securities companies and insurance companies. That is why the IFF established the fin-tech council to promote communications and exchanges of ideas between the science and financial sectors. 
    In recent years the IFF Fintech Council has focused on these topics in its Annual Meetings and Spring Meetings. Policymakers, leaders of financial institutions, experts and scholars from research institutions and relevant business leaders from various countries would discuss the best business practices and regulatory policies at these conferences.