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  • 《 International Finance Forum 》NO.02

    ISSN: 3005-4710

    The International Finance Forum (IFF) serves as a longstanding high-level dialogue mechanism and multilateral cooperative institution in the global financial domain, known as the "F20" of the financial world. Since its establishment in 2003, over 2,000 world-renowned guests and more than 100,000 global industry elites have participated in various activities organized by the IFF, including exchanges, cooperation, and academic research. While contributing their wisdom and valuable insights, they have also built ly editing and deeply interpreting them to showcase the panorama and development trends of the global economic and financial landscape to our audience amid the rapidly changing world.


  • International Finance Forum(IFF)Global Green Finance Award Case Colleection

    Based on the records, applicants during the past two years came from a wide range of backgrounds, including financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and funds, as well as consulting companies, enterprises, research institutions, industry associations and stock exchanges. The candidate projects also encompassed a large range of innovative products and solutions such as a design of green finance toolkit, green financial data R&D, green financial system enhancement, and extension to blue finance and ecological protection finance. After validating the submitted materials, the Selection Committee Secretariat shortlisted 50 projects for further review, and selected 20 finalists for the Award. These were later included as case studies in this review.