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International Cooperation

  • ZHOU Hanmin: Looking to the Future, China Will Always be Here!
  • Source:People's political consultativ
  •  2018-11-08
  • On November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Expo, which brought the power of the whole country and gathered world wisdom, was officially opened after more than a year of preparations....»
  • Han Seung-soo: What Did We Learn from the Crisis of 2008?
  • Source:IFF
  •  2018-11-01
  • As the gap between productivity and wage widened, the labor share continued to decline in the aftermath of the GFC, The young generation was hit harder with youth unemployment rates rising much faster than that of the rest of the working age population....»
  • Ban Ki-moon: We Must Create A Sound International Financial System
  • Source:IFF
  •  2016-09-01
  • The implementation of a new set of sustainability goals requires a strong global financial architecture to support it. The United Nations is ready to strengthen cooperation with multilateral financial institutions and governments to promote inclusive and...»
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