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Digital Economy

IFF Digital Economy Council
  • IFF Digital Economy Council
  • The digital economy is crucial for future global development and a key to international cooperation. The IFF has contentiously set the digital economy on the agenda of its Academic Workshops, Annual Global Meetings and Spring Meetings in recent years, inviting global financial leaders, institutions, experts and scholars to discuss and exchange ideas on the development of the digital economy and helping policymakers in forming a sound regulatory mechanism.
    Meanwhile, the IFF has established the IFF Digital Economy Council for international cooperation on the digital economy. The council will explore the new driving force of digitalization on economic and social development, promote profound changes in the modes of production, life and governance, and promote the digital economy for the betterment of the world. We believe the digital economy will become a key force in reorganizing global factor resources, reshaping the structure of the global economy and changing the dynamics of global recovery.