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New Capital Leadership

IFF New Capital Leaders Committee
  • IFF New Capital Leaders Committee
  • The New Capital Leaders Committee is an important initiative set up by the IFF to identify and search for emerging and future leaders of the world. With the mission of "New Capital, New Value, New World", the Committee identifies and nurtures new capital leaders around the world, brings together the elites of the future, integrates emerging wisdom, gathers the core power and contributes to economic recovery and future growth.
Global New Capital Leadership Programme
  • Global New Capital Leadership Programme
  • The IFF initiated and created the Global New Capital Leadership Programme to practice its vision, "Comprehensive and Sustainable Development, New Capital, New Values, New World". The course aims to nurture the emerging global capital power and develop new global capitalism.
    The tailored programme for future leaders of the world aims to nurture them with the emerging global power of capital. This highly specialized and comprehensive programme brings together global financial leaders and distinguished faculty to create a holistic and multi-faceted learning experience with academic rigour and strategic vision.
    Delivered by the IFF and global partners, the programme will gather the world's top financial and political resources and strong academics to create a unique one for new capital leaders.