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The Civilization Academy

Throughout its 5,000-year history of civilization, the Chinese are known for openness and inclusiveness and have made significant contributions to humanity. Since ancient times, the Chinese have continued to refresh and rejuvenate through exchanges and mutual appreciation with other civilizations. Building a diversified and colourful world today calls for dialogues among different cultures.
The IFF adheres to the concept of equality, mutual appreciation, dialogue and inclusiveness, understands with a broad mind the understanding of values of different civilizations, and respects the exploration of peoples' development paths. We believe exchange, mutual appreciation and co-existence of various cultures should replace civilization barriers, conflicts and superiority in the modern world. With this in mind, the IFF has established the Civilization Academy to promote dialogues among civilizations on an equal platform. We help to explore the values of cultures and put into practice the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind by organizing cultural exchange activities in the form of reading sessions, academic sessions, lectures and training sessions.

Kunlun Institute

  • According to traditional Chinese culture, Kunlun Mountain is known for its spiritual importance and cultural value. People believe Kunlun Mountain is where ancient ancestors once lived and Chinese culture is rooted. The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. And brand new phase of civilization is at its very beginning. With a global vision, we at the IFF believe it is an appropriate time to promote the Chinese culture. Therefore, the Kunlun Institute is named after the great mountain. The IFF would like to join hands with international partners to do something with historical significance and witness a new phase of history.

  • Jointly established by more than 100 world leaders and officials as well as experts and scholars of the IFF and SRIA, the Kunlun Institute has two campuses, one at the foot of the west mountain in Beijing and the other by the sea in Guangzhou. It is a learning platform that integrates education, research, innovation and incubation of start-ups. The Kunlun Institute would like to tightly cooperate with the universities and research institutes in the world and the greater bay area of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao.

  • With its roots in China and its eyes on the world, the Kunlun Institute aims to connect the East and the West as a bridge and identify and nurture emerging leaders via the Global New Capital Leadership Programme together with global partners.


The Kunlun Institute aims to bring together global resources and financial talents for the development of China, especially the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, to promote exchanges, cooperation and development between the Greater Bay Area and the international financial sector. The institute would also build a global financial higher academic platform based in the Greater Bay Area, via utilizing the resources of the IFF and SRIA. The institute is determined to be a new open education and innovation platform, with the mission of gathering and nurturing future emerging leaders thought the Global New Capital Leadership Programme, which aims to nurture the world's leading financial management and Belt and Road leaders.


  • World Scholar Programme of the Kunlun Institute

    The Kunlun Institute will invite global financial dignitaries, financial institution leaders and famous experts and scholars from the IFF and SRIA to serve as lecturers and practical instructors.
    The World Scholar Programme will be an innovative education and training model with the characteristics, such as online, on-the-job and lifelong education. The programme will be comprehensive and sustainable, promoting cohesiveness, influence, innovation and growth through building a composite academic capacity.