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The IFF Institute is an international and professional think tank and research network that operates directly under the IFF's instruction. Committed to maintaining and improving the international financial order and promoting peace, inclusiveness, and sustainable development worldwide, the IFF Institute conducts high-level non-governmental dialogs and research that are pragmatic, constructive, and based on equality and multilateralism. The Institute aims to build an independent, transparent, non-profit, and non-governmental think tank that is based in China and other emerging economies, providing world-class and professional services. As a platform for strategic research, academic exchange, and public diplomacy, the Institute will exert its influence and unleash its role in helping the world get to know China better (and vice versa). 


The IFF Institute focuses on research and communication in international economics and finance, with the aim of deepening multinational dialogs on major global financial issues, exploring win-win solutions for closer global financial cooperation, and propelling the reform of the international financial system. To achieve such missions, the Institute has formed an international communication network by establishing research centers in major cities including Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Washington DC, London, and Toronto. In addition, the IFF Institute holds events in collaboration with IFF headquarters in Beijing and Guangzhou, fully leveraging the resources it has pooled since its establishment. These include hundreds of policymakers in the fields of politics, finance and economics, leaders of international organizations and large financial institutions, experts and scholars from world-renowned research institutions (including more than 10 Nobel Laureates in economics around the globe), as well as the IFF Institute’s own global financial communication and cooperation networks, which feature over 50 international and regional partnership organizations in over 50 countries and regions.


Apart from building an international and professional core research team, the IFF Institute also seeks to develop extensive cooperation with international think tanks, publish high-quality, independent, pragmatic, and constructive research reports on governmental and corporate strategic decision making with a global vision and foresight, and to exert its influence globally through its close contact with international financial leaders.