• The 2022 Global Green Finance Summit


    The summit aimed to push financial institutions to provide more support in addressing climate change. Discussions centered on how to seek restructuring of climate-based assets, establish a global incentive and constraint mechanism for climate investment, and the opportunities and challenges brought by climate transition under the consensus of global climate governance and "carbon neutral" policies. The Green Finance Working Group (GFWG), co-led by the IFF and Goldman Sachs, also released the GFWG White Paper at this conference.

  • The 2021 Global Green Finance Summit


    The IFF launched the IFF Global Finance and Development Report 2021, which reviews the recent development of global green finance, discusses the drivers of the progress, and released the Global Green Finance Development Index and country rankings. In addition, Goldman Sachs and IFF announced the establishment of the joint Green Finance Working Group (GFWG), dedicated to building an international exchange platform for companies to promote the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

  • The 2020 Global Green Finance Summit


    This year's summit aimed to discuss and exchange practices and successful experiences in green finance and the construction of regulatory and evaluation indicator systems in the field. UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Inge Anderson, Vice-President of the ADB Ahmed Said, Vice-President of the AIIB Joachim von Amsberg, Chief Advisor of the IFF Global Green Growth Centre and former Senior Vice-President of the ADB Bindo Rohani, and Chairman of the Japanese Government Central Committee for Sustainable Development Kazuhiko Takeuchi, delivered keynote speeches.

  • The 2019 Global Green Finance Summit


    This year's Summit focused on promoting global energy transition and green development through carbon pricing mechanisms. Policymakers, leaders of international financial institutions and central bankers from over a dozen countries discussed the implications of carbon markets, pricing and trading systems in China, the United States and Europe, the future of international energy markets, and indicators for green development. Laurent Fabius, former Prime Minister of France and President of COP21, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech.

  • The 2018 Global Green Finance Summit


    At the summit, the IFF Global Green Growth Centre released its latest annual research on the global economy. IFF Academic Member and IMF Secretary-General Lin Jianhai analyzed why the global economy has not yet completed its recovery and the challenges it faces. Edmond Alphandéry, former Minister of Finance of France and IFF Vice-President, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Carbon Pricing for Climate Change". Experts and scholars from more than ten countries discussed how finance could contribute to green and low-carbon innovation.