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    Chairpersons of the General Assembly are honorary positions elected by the Board of Directors. They are a group of prominent financial leaders in China and the world and are in responsible for providing strategic guidance to the overall development of the IFF and for convening and presiding over the IFF Annual Global Conference and various meetings. The General Assembly shall have a Chairman, Co-Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen in accordance with the principle of national and regional balance, and shall generally include leaders and member representatives from China, the United States, Europe, Asia, emerging economies and other countries and regions, as well as relevant international organizations such as the United Nations and global financial institutions.
Chairpersons of the 5th IFF General Assembly (2023-2028)
  • ZHOU Xiaochuan

    IFF Chairman
    Former Vice Chairman of CPPCC
    Former Governor of People's Bank of China

  • Han Seung-soo

    IFF Co-Chair
    Chair of the Council of Presidents of the United Nations General Assembly
    Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea

  • Jenny Shipley

    IFF Co-chairperson & Director of IFF Sustainable Development Committee
    The 36th Prime Minister of New Zealand

  • Edmond Alphandéry

    IFF Vice-Chair
    Former Minister of Economy and Finance of France
    Chairman of the Task Force on Carbon Pricing in Europe

  • Paul Chan Mo-po

    IFF Vice-Chair
    Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Antony Leung

    IFF Vice-Chair
    Former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    CEO of Nan Fung Group

  • Mari Elka Pangestu

    IFF Vice-Chair
    Former Managing Director of the World Bank
    Former Minister of Trade of Indonesia

  • Domenico Siniscalco

    IFF Vice-Chair
    Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley International
    Former Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy

  • Erik Solheim

    IFF Vice-Chair
    Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

  • Jose Vinals

    IFF Vice-Chair
    Group Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank

  • YI Xiaozhun

    IFF Vice Chairman
    Former Deputy Director-General of the World Trade Organization

    The Founding Secretary General also serves as the Secretary General of the IFF General Assembly.
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