The IFF Secretariat is the everyday administrative body of the IFF and operates under the leadership of the Executive Committee. The Secretary General of the IFF is the head of the Secretariat and is responsible for overall affairs, management and coordination. The IFF Secretariat is composed of members of the senior management team.
Secretary general
  • ZHU Xian
    ZHU Xian is the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the IFF. He previously served as the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of the NDB, he held senior positions at the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). He served as the Vice President and Chief Ethics Officer, Directors of relevant business departments, and Executive Director for China of the World Bank; the Senior Adviser of South Asia Department and Director of Cofinancing of ADB. Mr. Zhu Xian has worked for the Ministry of Finance of China for a long time, and has served as Director-General of the International Department, Deputy Director-General of Treasury Bond Department and Deputy Director-General of World Bank Department. He graduated from the Department of Western Languages and Literature of Peking University, majoring in English, before studied at the Department of Economics of the University of Pittsburgh, USA, and was entitled Heinz Scholar.
Chief legal advisor
  • ZHANG Jiachun
    Zhang Jiachun is IFF Chief Legal Adviser and partner of East & Concord Partners. He has years of working experience as senior management in big state-owned enterprises and government departments, being responsible for legal affairs and investment. He also worked for public sectors including National development and Reform commission, Ministry of commerce, National forestry and Grassland administration, People's bank of China. In addition, he worked as a regular legal counsel for many industry-leading companies. Furthermore, Zhang has been invited by many government agencies on the work of law drafting and revision.
Legal agency
  • East & Concord Partners
    East & Concord Partners is one of the largest and most comprehensive law firms in China. East & Concord currently has nearly 400 legal professionals, including partners and consultants with over 30 years of experience, some of them also have worked with government ministries and commissions, courts, procuratorate, arbitration institutions, and well-known foreign law firms. Most of our attorneys and paralegals have gained qualifications and experience in law schools and firms in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Netherlands and Singapore. East & Concord has established strategic alliances with many famous international law firms.
Independent auditing office
  • Grant Thornton International Ltd
    Grant Thornton, established in 1981, is one of the earliest accounting firms in China. Grant Thornton had over 260 partners and more than 5,500 professionals, among whom, 1,200 are CPA members. Grant Thornton works in 29 regional branches throughout mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR. Grant Thornton is an international organization, through close cooperation with members around the world, Grant Thornton has accumulated rich resources and experience, and will provide customers in different regions with professional services including auditing, taxation and consulting, and has a prominent international status.