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Program Overview

The EDPA program, which is jointly offered by PSL University, the IFF, and Tsinghua University’s ZHUOER Education, is tailored for professionals with robust backgrounds in public affairs and industry management, and aims to cultivate exceptional leaders in public affairs and industrial development amidst the dawn of a new era. Embracing the cutting edge of international academia while remaining firmly grounded in China's reform initiatives, this program is dedicated to nurturing executive scholars with a global outlook, strategic acumen, and a penchant for innovation. Equipped with a deep understanding of international academic discourse and a knack for effectively conveying the Chinese narrative, graduates will contribute Chinese insights to the advancement of international public management theory and industrial economic theory. Furthermore, they will offer invaluable Chinese experiences to propel global sustainable development management practices forward.


The program spans 3-5 years, with the initial two years focusing on core course modules and specially curated courses taught by the IFF. The third year marks the commencement of independent research and the writing phase for doctoral dissertations.

Special Remarks

  • António Guterres

    António Guterres

    Secretary General of the United Nations

    As we look ahead, we must transform the international financial architecture to serve the needs of today so that it contributes to reducing inequalities, and restoring trust between developed countries and emerging economies. Together, we can meet this moment and build a sustainable, just and prosperous future.

  • Laurent Fabius

    Laurent Fabius

    IFF Board Member
    President of the Constitutional Council of the French Republic
    Former Prime Minister of France

    China, and all the friends present here, we must join forces to build a fair, balanced, sustainable and stable world.

  • Kristalina Georgieva

    Kristalina Georgieva

    Managing Director of International Monetary Fund(IMF)

    The IFF and the IMF are connected by our global prospects and by fostering financial stability and sustainable growth.

  • Zhou Xiaochuan

    Zhou Xiaochuan

    IFF Chairman of General Assembly
    Former Vice Chairman of the CPPCC
    Former Governor of the People's Bank of China

    Through the IFF platform, we make friends, exchange opinions, explore the challenges and opportunities the world faces and seek solutions for cooperation and development.

  • Jin Liqun

    Jin Liqun

    President of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB)
    Former Executive Vice President of the IFF

    The IFF is such an important international forum to which I’m deeply attached. Never have global governance and international cooperation been so important as they are today. The world has no choice but to work as one, if we have to overcome the immense challenges that confront us.

  • Xie Zhenhua

    Xie Zhenhua

    China's Special Envoy for Climate Change

    The IFF has contributed a lot to green economic recovery and sustainable development. I'm sure the IFF will continue its efforts to fully exploit its influence in creating a new platform for international engagement and undoubtedly play a more significant role in promoting the global green and low-carbon transition and international cooperation in related fields.

Teaching Arrangement

  • Program Duration
    The program spans 3-5 years, with the initial two years focusing on core course modules and specially curated courses taught by the IFF. The third year marks the commencement of independent research and the writing phase for doctoral dissertations.
  • Course Schedule
    The program follows a part-time weekend format, typically concentrating on a module course for 3-4 days every two months. Chinese professors will teach in Chinese, while French or other foreign professors will teach in English or French with simultaneous Chinese translation. Classes are conducted in small groups, and employ a mix of face-to-face instruction, workshops, study tours, and various lectures, salons, and forums.
  • Teaching Locations
    Core courses in China are primarily held at the IFF’s permanent venue in Guangzhou, the IFF Beijing Centre, or the IFF Hong Kong Centre.
  • Paper Writing
    Students can choose any of the following forms to write their paper: Research paper, Academic articles, Academic monograph.
  • Thesis guidance
    Bidirectional selection of Chinese and French doctoral supervisors
  • Certificate Awards
    Executive Doctorate in Public Affairs.
    Students who successfully complete this program will have the opportunity to obtain the following qualifications offered by IFF:
    Certificate of IFF Global Sustainable Development Leadership
    Member of IFF Sustainable Development Committee(application and qualification review required)
    Researcher of IFF Global Sustainable Development Research Institute (application and qualification review required)

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